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With most of the route visible at the start it seemed possible that the walk would be less interesting than some. However we soon found ourselves in a full size replica of an old- fashioned living room, its furniture carved by university students. The piano was my favourite. Further round the reservoir we chatted with the rider of a fell pony who confided that her mount had been unhappy with the hills in its native Lake District.

Later we saw a dozen or so nesting boxes on different levels which appeared identical at first glance but neat labelling and closer inspection showed each to have been purpose built for dormice, hedgehogs, bats, owls and other small creatures.

Hopton Hall was the home of the Gell family for many years and we passed the former hospital built in 1719 by one of them for four impoverished villagers. The present owners have been there six years and were asked if they would continue to open the grounds for the display of snowdrops.

There was even more of interest as we followed the signs to eventually emerge into what one of us likened to an exotic Italian garden. It was an unexpected pleasure to wander around the Hall’s formal garden on an unusually warm and sunny February afternoon. The terrain in this area was ideal for the pony too.

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