Grit Bins

February 12, 2018 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, March 2018

We have certainly suffered a colder winter this year. To that end we have had to fill the grit bins very frequently. The Clerk makes arrangements for bins to be filled as soon as they are reported. We also refill when bad weather is reported. Thank you to those who have contacted us to report bins needing refilling. However, it has been reported that the volunteers filling the bins have been met with bins filled with litter and dog mess bags. We ask that nothing is placed inside these grit bins. Our volunteers should not be faced with this and we cannot allow them to handle litter especially dog mess bags which are full! If a bin is left in this condition we will no longer be able to fill it so please do not place anything in these bins.
With litter, waste and dog mess we aren’t able to provide extra bins as we aren’t able to empty them. Environmental health issues means they have to be emptied by DDDC and although we have requested extra dog mess bins we have been told that none will be supplied. Remember dog mess can go in any DDDC litter bins.
Thank you.

Hannah Owen


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