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September 20, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, October 2017

So as the new term begins at Bishop Pursglove School, there seems to be an increase in cars driving up to school. As ALL parents are aware, this is forbidden for the safety of all children and still parents continue to drive up to school disregarding everything that Mrs Kilford has said. I can’t understand why these people do this because if it was their child that was to get knocked down then it would be a different story.

Please can all parents be more considerate and park at the bottom of the drive or maybe even walk to school.Lastly as ALL parents should be aware there is a one way system when driving to school which is to drive up St John’s Rd and down past the Merchants Yard, this just makes the school run a little bit easier as there isn’t much room to pass oncoming cars. But again the same people just disregard this which very often causing mayhem.

Please can all parents of Bishop Pursglove School be abit more thoughtful, it’s not the law but I would like to call it consideration for others.

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