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July 27, 2013 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2013, August 2013

What a week it was. Wakes 2013 will now go down in the history books as being the best, most energetic and well-supported Wakes Week for many a long year. Children for years to come will sit at their parent’s feet and listen, in rapt attention, to tales of Wakes 2013.

Praise is heaped elsewhere in this issue and the committee have roused themselves briefly with a message themselves. There is already talk of new things for 2014, so keep an eye open for the Wakes AGM and come along and give your support.

By the time you read this Tideswell Parish Council will be restored to full strength and if Litton PC’s experience is anything to go by, the future in Tideswell looks good.

It’s tempting to say “ We’ve never had it so good.” Of course all this can’t happen without people stepping up to the plate and getting involved. If you haven’t yet; what’s stopping you?


Pete Hawkins


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