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May 22, 2013 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2013, June 2013

What a day! Tideswell’€™s third annual Food Festival was a most memorable day. Over sixty stalls and over 4500 ‘€˜visitors’€™ (which included us lot too!)There was a great enthusiasm amongst the village to make this work and the fact that it all went smoothly is testament to the spirit of Tideswell Folk.

And so to June. Wakes Week is rapidly approaching and our fantastic Wakes Committee is in the full throws of final arrangements. Their energy and vigour has galvanised many in the village to make Wakes 2013 the biggest and best wakes yet. If you haven’€™t started planning yet, now is the time.

The recent funeral of Margaret Thatcher reminded us all of her infamous proclamation that there was “no such thing as Society”€. I think that anyone who still holds that view should spend a few moments in Tideswell and experience for themselves just what society can do if it really tries.

Pete Hawkins


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