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June 28, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, July 2015

After such a brilliant Big Saturday, the village woke to the shocking news about the fire that destroyed the Youth Club building.
At the time of going to print it would appear an electrical fault was to blame. The loss of the Youth Club building will be felt by many who have used the building over the years. The biggest loss however has been Tideswell band, as detailed on page two. The band’s entire 140 year history has gone up in smoke including their irreplaceable collection of music.

The village has already rallied to the band’s help with over £300 raised on Sunday morning alone outside the Coop but more will be needed over the coming months.
As Joni Mitchell memorably wrote “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”. We must all ensure that such an integral part of the village not only survives but goes from strength to strength.

We’ve delayed the printing of the Village Voice this month because of Wakes. Our deliverer-in-chief has also gone away, so apologies if your copy of the VV is later than usual in getting to you. And thank you to the stand-in dispatchers too and Judy for organising it all.

So that’s half the year gone(!) and so the Village Voice has a reminder in for Christmas, there’s nothing like being seasonal.

So as the Wakes headaches gently abate and we slip seamlessly into July, I’ll wish you all a happy Summer.

Pete Hawkins


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