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Last month we announced that we would begin monthly tours of our amazing Church Tower. These tours will be on the last Saturday of the month at 14:00. A minimum donation of £5 or £12 for a family. The tour is suitable for those 6yrs and older.

Just to let you know that in May, June and July the tours will begin at 17:00 instead of 14:00.

As possibly one of the only Jewish atheists to be fund raising for the church, I am always interested to hear what it is about religious buildings that inspires such strong feelings of connection, and unity even amongst those of other or no religions.

We are incredibly lucky to have this medieval building in our village and for it to be in such a good condition. There was a time when the insurance for the building was so cost prohibitive that if a disaster had occurred, the insurance would only have been sufficient to make safe the ruin.

To this end we are interested to learn about your memories, stories or thoughts about the church. One friend, Teresa, told me she remembered when the school nativity was held in the church, one of the teachers, MrsGosney, brought her donkey to star in the play. He repaid her by releasing his bowel all the way down the aisle of the church!

She also remembered hearing that when her mum was in the choir the choristers would warm up before practice by racing up the tower steps when the clock started to chime the hour and try to get to the belfry and back before the clock stopped chiming!

We would love to hear your recollections drop us a line at the email below or visit our web site.

Did you know if you traced your finger round every nook and cranny on the inside wall of St John the Baptist church your finger would travel exactly one mile?

Anyone wishing to become a Friend of St John or get involved in events, please visit our web site or contact us on

Ruth Moore, Secretary, Friends of St John



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