Forest School at BPS

June 19, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, July 2017

In May, the Year 5 children from Bishop Pursglove School went to the wildlife area at Hope Valley Cement Works. We did lots of fun activities such as building dens out of things we could find in the woods. We also played a really fun game called ‘hug-a-tree.’ To play we had to work with a partner. A blindfold was put on one child and the other child led them to a tree and they had to hug it and feel it. After that, they had to walk away from the tree and the person wearing the blindfold has to guess which tree it was. Finally, we did a 5-minute silence, where we could listen to the birds. We really enjoyed it and would love to go again.

By Esme, Clara, Eliza and Eleanor in year 5


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