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October 2016 marks two years since the sad closure of Tideswell School of Food – the lottery funded project that was designed to help support our local shops and promote the village as a ‘food destination’.
Since the closure, the village hasn’t stood still and a glance round Tideswell shows a vibrant and exciting village; one that is a great place for visitors and locals alike.

We still have the great mix of local shops, food and otherwise, all our village pubs are now serving excellent food. We have four cafés, all offering something different but complimentary. As well as the pubs we also have HnD’s offering an interesting and varied evening restaurant at weekends and, of course, The Merchants Yard (see Peter Kelk’s offering below). And the Community Garden goes from strength to strength with a new team of volunteers doing great things up there.

The School of Food may not have been for everyone in the village, but it ‘raised’ the food bar and the village continues to benefit from its legacy.

The Merchants Yard

Two years since the closure of the Tideswell School of Food The Merchant’s Yard Restaurant has taken over the premises to create a high quality restaurant in surroundings which celebrate the village’s rural and industrial heritage.

A regular visitor to the village told me how delighted he was with this addition to Tideswell’s culinary offerings. He had been particularly disappointed at the closure of the School of Food but was really heartened to see the new restaurant contributing to Tideswell in so many ways including providing employment as well as an additional attraction for visitors and local residents.

Peter Kelk


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