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October 14, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, November 2016

Dear Sir,

It was disappointing to read in the local press , the attack on pharmacy by a small group of medical practitioners. The implication being that unless doctors carried out flu vaccinations,their surgeries were in danger of closing. It is nonsense of course and in fact many rural pharmacies have lost much of their income due to drs.taking on dispensing duties even when there is a pharmacy in the village.

Just to put the record straight;

  1. It takes 5 years to qualify as a pharmacist and part of their duty is to scrutinise NHS and private prescriptions issued by GPs
  2. Pharmacists are qualified and authorised by the NHS to carry out influenza vaccinations. . Drs. should welcome this as it relieves pressure on them. (someting they tend to complain about)
  3. A good time to get your flu jab is a Saturday morning when the pharmacy is open until 1pm.

I hope in future, medical practitioners will realise that the pharmacist is there to help for the benefit of the patient. If one profession is being undermined by another, cooperation is difficult.

It should also be noted that the General Medical Council ( the GP regulator) has stated that the “Flu vaccination service should not be determined by commercial interests” and healthcare professionals must “not allow financial or other interests affect the way they treat, refer or commission services for patients”

David Hoyle, Pharmacy Cottage, Queen St.


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