Eroi di Tideswell

June 24, 2014 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, July 2014

Tideswell turned out in force to welcome the L’Eroica cyclists on the 22nd June. The first contingent arrived somewhat earlier than expected and took us a bit by surprise but a heroic effort by the feeding station team NT Gibbs, Tindalls and the Parlour Cafe saw up 700+ cyclists all fed and watered and on their way round the 100 mile route in super quick time.

The lull between the long route and the short route cyclists gave us all time to regroup and prepare for the more leisurely bunch to follow.

It was a fantastic atmosphere around the church as bikes were inspected, photos were taken and tales were swapped but even better than that was the crowd by the Coop clapping and cheering every cyclist as they spun round Poppies corner. One cyclist told me he felt like Bradley Wiggins until I pointed out that his applause lasted longer than Bradley’s, as the latter peddled a bit faster!

The Tiger Moth flypast arranged by Chris Dawes was a real treat and set us all up for the stunning Spitfire flypast later.

Thanks must got to all who turned out to watch, the feeding station team and the volunteers who stamped the cyclist cards or stood on street corners directing the cyclists into and out of the churchyard. One special mention must go to Diane who turned out to watch at 6.30 and ended up clad in a florescent vest on Commercial Road for hours. Another one to add the growing list of Eroi de Tideswell (heroes of Tideswell).



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