Diversity Day

June 19, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, July 2018

Last month, Year 6 visited Bakewell Junior School to take part in a Diversity Day. The Young Uns, who are one of Britain’s top folk groups, taught us about The Peasants’ Revolt, the immigrant founders of Marks and Spencer, and how sailors from around the world used Sea Shanties to communicate with each other. We also learnt about how, in South Africa, people with black skin weren’t allowed to go to some places just because they didn’t have white skin. We’re so glad that Nelson Mandela changed the rules! We took place in a big debate and shared different types of bread from around the world. It was a great opportunity to get to know people from different schools that are going to the same secondary school as us. We really enjoyed it and learnt some very important lessons.
Year 6 – Bishop Pursglove CE Primary School.