December’s Weather Statistics

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Tideswell gets its fair share of weather and now thanks to Norman Lynagh on Sherwood Road, we’ll have a monthly summary of the weather. Here is December’s weather.

Tideswell, Derbyshire – December 2012

Mean max: 5.6 (+0.4)
Mean min: 0.4 (-0.4)
Mean temp: 3.0 (0.0)

Highest max: 10.9 (22nd)
Lowest max: 1.0 (13th)

Lowest min: -7.7 (13th)
Highest min: 5.6 (29th)

Lowest grass: -10.1 (13th)

Air frosts: 10
Ground frosts: 19

Days with max 10.0-14.9: 1
Days with max 5.0-9.9: 20
Days with max 0.0-4.9: 10

Frost duration: 113.5 hrs

Total rainfall: 214.7mm (172%)
Wettest rainfall day (09-09z) 26.0mm (14th)
Rain days (0.2 mm or more): 25
Wet days (1.0 mm or more): 22

Days with snow/sleet falling: 7
Days with 50%+ snow cover at 09z: 1
Deepest at 0900z 2 cm (7th)
Eden Snow Index: 2 cm/days

Total sunshine: 53.0 hours
Sunniest day: 5.7 hours (2nd)
Days with no sun: 10

Days with thunder heard: 0
Days with hail: 1
Days with fog at 0900z: 3

Wind direction at 0900z
N:0 NNE:0 NE:0 ENE:0 E:1 ESE:1 SE:1 SSE:2
S:3 SSW:3 SW:2 WSW:3 W:2 WNW:6 NW:4 NNW:2

Very wet, especially second half. Near average temperatures but no significant


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