Dear Motorists

June 22, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, July 2016

A friend, registered blind, was recently walking the Meadow Lane ‘circuit’ when she sensed a vehicle approaching at speed. Her guide dog forced her to take rapid evasive action. In retrospect, she considers the proximity of the vehicle to have been life-threatening. The experience has left her with concerns about using this route. The lady in question is no shrinking violet!

Large and medium sized commercial vehicles have access to areas of her home premises so she is used to taking care when walking and would be able to gauge the threat posed by most approaching vehicles.

It is possible that the motorist concerned is not fully aware of the effect of his/her driving style on this occasion. However, the road in question is one of the more accessible ones for my friend (and others) so she would ask that drivers look out for pedestrians and drive conservatively when approaching them.


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