Counting envelopes

May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, June 2015
DSC09777On the eve of going to press, a group gathered to open the mountain of envelopes collected from our homes during Christian Aid Week.  Piles of coins and notes quickly appeared, and the total reached during this major count was £2,150, including £175 from Litton.  A few more pounds will probably trickle in during the next few days, and I will put a poster up announcing the final sum, but on behalf of all those who knocked on your doors, may I say a big THANK YOU  to all who contributed.  The money will be used to help bring a brighter future to some of the poorest communities on our planet.
Thank you also to all who baked, came, and donated to EARTHQUAKE ELEVENSES in St John’s Church on Bank Holiday Monday.  In just two hours almost £1500 was raised and sent to support the people of Nepal following the devastating earthquake.
Margaret Filer


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