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Snow was forecast in February so we walked from the village. Hills and fields were white but the snow falling was wet. In Wheston we smiled at the tale of one of our member’s employment on a farm there. Though duties were primarily office based she was always reluctant when asked to put a ring through the bull’s nose. Wormhill was earmarked for elevenses where the church porch provided ideal cover. Pleasant interlude over, the weather worsened and it became impossible to ignore stinging driving sleet. We continued for a time but finding no shelter for lunch decided to take the quickest route home. Strangely, photos of the walk showed an attractive winter landscape that was somewhat at odds with our experience. The cloudy windless morning last month was ideal for a walk up to Stanage Edge. A rook with a large twig in its beak was a sign that spring was imminent and others were daffodils, celandine and forsythia. No hideaway was required on this occasion and we sat on the gritstone boulders below the ridge relaxing in unanticipated sunshine. Outer layers were shed and felt we confident that scarves and gloves would remain in rucksacks. The first good weather of the year is special and this, together with one of the most scenic walks in the area, was a day to remember. Helen Royle. 872507


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