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September 20, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, October 2015

A joint entry this month by both Judy Cooke and Helen Grainger (Helen’s name was missed off last month –she’s the new mum!!)

September’s Indian summer has continued to ripen our tomatoes. If you have a lot of ripe TOMATOES consider making a simple pasta sauce or soup that celebrates tomatoes’ natural sweetness. For the pasta sauce gently cook skinned, chopped fresh tomatoes in butter, with half an onion for 45 mins. Then discard the onion and season to taste. Or for soup gently cook chopped tomatoes and finely chopped onion. Then thicken with ground rice, blitz adding milk or stock and milk. Add fresh basil and a swirl of cream to serve.
Our ROMAINE lettuce, planted on Food Festival day, has thrived in the greenhouse. Helen has discovered the merits of cooking lettuce. She recommends braising lettuce hearts (about 4)in a little butter on the hob, laying them on a shortcrust base to make a quiche using 3 eggs, 200 ml milk,200 ml cream and seasoning, a generous helping of chopped spring onion and crumbled white cheese e.g. Lancashire. Try it, you’ll be surprised at its lovely soft bitter taste!

We welcome some four new community gardeners, who have been very busy. Josie and Gillian are taming our Wild Garden on the bank, then have started digging a bed ready for planting. John has completed the fencing and mended the picnic table. Yvonne pruned some more of the soft fruit bushes. Thank you to them and Helen R. and Fish for helping with watering. “Old” members of the team have also been busy. Brian shredded all the woody stems, and there were a lot, so that they could go to make compost, while Maggie is carefully pruning the plum tree.

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