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January 22, 2014 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, February 2014

Time to start thinking of the next season’s planting. We had a really good year in 2013 and want to build on that and make it even more productive this year. Last year’s garlic crop was fantastic so we’ve been able to use some of the excess for this coming year – nearly 200 cloves have been planted in little pots and are wintering in the polytunnel ready to be transplanted into the garden in spring. They’ve been joined by lots of herb cuttings that seem to be doing really well in there. Time will tell whether the two hop plants we planted in the garden last year will survive the winter. One of our new projects is to try and grow mushrooms on an oak log. Holes have been drilled in a log and mushroom plugs have been pushed in and the log is now in a black sack for six months waiting for the mycelium to grow. We can then look forward to mushrooms growing four times a year for up to five years – well that’s what it says on the packet.

GARDEN WORK PARTY – we plan to have these on the first Sunday of each month starting with 2 March (weather permitting) so please put that date on your calendar if you would like to come and help from 11.00-13.00. We also intend to hold some planning meetings over the year – to exchange ideas and decide what to do in the garden – details to be confirmed.

If you would like to become involved in any way with the garden please call Maureen (871542) or Judy (872408). And we now have a Tideswell Kitchen Garden Group on Facebook for anyone who wants to follow our postings online – just search for Tideswell Kitchen Garden and request to join; that is where we post our photos.



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