Come Walk With Us

January 19, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, February 2017

Come Walk With Us Dull and dreary was the forecast. The starting point was Calton Lees giving leg muscles time to warm up before those steps to the Hunting Tower. Within seconds of arriving there a robin perched close by , its motive plain. Crumbs were scattered and duly eaten but the visitor remained. A titbit was proffered on an outstretched palm but the bird couldn’t quite make this leap of faith. From a distance logs piled on either side of the track were unremarkable but as we passed, the scent of the recently cut larches was delightful. This couldn’t be said of the views as mist covered everything as we emerged onto the moor.

The narrow path down to Beeley is always tricky and tree roots were especially challenging on this occasion. The final path through the field is so familiar that it seemed unlikely that there’d be much of interest. However a large area of water had formed and a fellow rambler pointed out a perfect reflection of a tree on the surface. Despite the gloom we were dry, warm and cheerful at the end, a reasonable achievement for a walk in January.

The name Mark Cocker who is a Guardian country diarist was mentioned last month without explanation, Apologies for the confusion. I’d struggled to begin the previous article as I couldn’t comprehend why looking at trees during the lunch stop had been enjoyable. All was clear on reading his words a few days later, ‘ Only by taking time can one lift aside the common cloth that our senses smother over the daily hours. ‘

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