Christmas Leftover Potato Cakes

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Ingredients (Makes 4 potato cakes)

400g leftover roast or mash potato Approximately 200g leftover vegetables such as sprouts, red cabbage, roasted root vegetables 3 spring onions 1 egg Salt and pepper to season Any leftover meat from the roast or stuffing Fresh parsley, finely chopped Plain flour for dusting 2 tablespoons cold pressed rapeseed oil

Roughly chop the rest of the ingredients and place those into the bowl along with the beaten egg and parsley and season well.

Mix really well and then shape into 4 balls. With floured hands, form these into fat potato cakes and then dust well with flour.

Heat a large enough pan to fit the 4 cakes, with the 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil. When hot carefully add the potato cakes and cook on one side without moving them for 5-7 minutes or until golden and crisp. Turn using a palette knife or fish slice and fry again until golden.

Remove the cakes from the pan and plate up, 1 for a snack or 2 for a more substantial meal.

I like to serve these with fried eggs on Boxing Day morning.


Joe Hunt, Head Chef/Tutor, Tideswell School of Food


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