Christian Aid Week

April 24, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, May 2015

The little red envelopes are due to appear through your door again, during the week of 10th May. Volunteers will be knocking on your door asking if you would like to take this opportunity of doing something to help some of the most deprived people of our world. This year the focus is all about cows! It uses as an example a woman called Loko in Ethiopia. She survives, and just about manages to feed her children, through a daily task she dreads – she collects and sells firewood. This involves an eight hour round trip in thin plastic shoes, often punctured by thorns, where she is in danger of being attacked by hyenas. She dreams of owning a cow, which would provide a healthier diet for her children as well as bring in income from selling the milk. Christian Aid is determined to do something to help. A cow costs around £50.

Our street collection usually raises about £2000. If we can do the same this year (or better still raise even more), that would enable thirteen or more families to benefit from owning a cow. Let’s go for it and see how much we can raise – a simple gesture from us which can revolutionise a struggling family’s life.

If anyone would like to help in delivering and collecting envelopes between 10th and 16th May, please contact me on 871681.

Thank you.


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