Chef Joe’s Tasty Tideswell Treats

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200g rhubarb
50g caster sugar
small handful of sweet cicely leaves

1 long strip orange zest


  1. Wash and trim the rhubarb and cut into 8cm lengths. Place in a shallow baking dish and scatter over the sugar, toss the rhubarb in the sugar and spread out in a single layer. Cover the tray loosely with foil.
  2. Roast the rhubarb in a pre – heated oven at 200°c/ gas 6 for 10 minutes then remove the foil. The sugar should be dissolved. Roast the rhubarb for another 5 minutes or until tender. Remove the rhubarb from the tray and set to one side.
  3. Add about 75ml water to the tray and stir the rhubarb juices to make a light rhubarb syrup. You may need to place the tray back into the oven to dissolve the sugar again. Pour the syrup into a small saucepan.
  4. Scatter over the sweet cicely leaves and infuse the syrup for 10 minutes on a very low heat.
  5. Pass through a sieve before serving and spoon over the warmed roasted rhubarb.
  6. Serve the Rhubarb with shortbread biscuits and vanilla ice cream.

The recipe has been used on some of The Tideswell School of Food’s courses using Rhubarb and Sweet Cicely from the community Garden.


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