Chantry Court

February 18, 2018 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, March 2018

Mrs. Margaret Shirt spotted the flames at Chantry Court from her vantage point by the lounge window at Nicholson Court. Very fortunately little escapes her attention ! She immediately told Melvin Broadhurst to dial the emergency services. A fire officer asked Melvin if he could identify the number of the flat on fire before the brigade arrived. He did this as well as knocking on the doors and windows of each flat to let residents know about the fire. He instructed them to leave and go to Nicholson Court. His actions were praised by the fire brigade, paramedics and residents afterwards. Not surprisingly Melvin suffered from shock and smoke inhalation afterwards necessitating a night in hospital. Margaret was praised by residents and I’m certain fire officers would have done so too had they been aware of her initial involvement.


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