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Greetings from us of the unfashionable footwear, tho’ given the weather galoshes, wellingtons, waders or fleece lined wet-suits would’ve been (will be?) more appropriate.  The weather’s been so bad that the grass on the green is hardly growing which has been giving some of us head scratching concern, tho’ John Hallows, Lord of the Green, is quietly confident that it will all come right.

Before I move on to the Earth shattering news that has shaken the international bowling world, I’d like to thank everyone who was courageous enough to withstand the acerbic wit of Wain & Wright & come to our quiz & fish & chips night at the Horse & Jockey in April.  We raised £136.  Thanks to Nicola & Baz for putting up with us – I hope the commercial intercourse involving folding drinking vouchers & beverages of one sort or another across the counter was fruitful.  Lastly, thank you Vicky, of Peaches fame, for the magnificent fruit & veg. hamper.

Now for the earth shattering news: PAUL FLINT has his name on a club trophy at last!  Of course you may already know this because he may have let you know in a not so casual aside or you may have seen it trumpeted (nice mixed metaphor there Griff) on social media – the bane of modern day life.  So congratulations Paul on winning the Horace Wilshaw Doubles Cup Competition … ah, oh dear, you’ll have noticed that it’s a doubles comp. so congratulations also to Alan Gaffney who ably assisted Paul in winning this glittering prize. Commiserations to Andrew Turner & Roy ‘The Rules’ Bradwell, the losing finalists.

This is an early warning to gird up your loins in anticipation of ROCK ‘N’ BOWLS starting at 6pm on Wed. 24th June during Wakes Week.  Wain & Wright will have their beady eyes on you; Gibby’s luscious pork butties with stuffing & apple-sauce will be tempting you whilst the chance of winning the Toilet Duck will have you throwing away huge amounts of money on the Bottle Tombola.  So roll up, roll up.

Oh yes, bowling news; the Mon team at the top of the 2nd division have played 5 & won 5 with Dave Wain top of the averages & the worst/best excuse for being put off with ‘The loudly honking, low flying Canada geese.’

In the High Peak Mixed-up Pairs, we’re 7th out of 8 in the 1st Div. after playing 4 & winning 1; Cath Wain & Terry Shaw top the averages.

We’re top of the 2nd division of the Vets league after winning 4 out of 5 games.

Sleep well, travel safely & have fun on the green.


Amy & Tim, The Star Bar, sponsor the TBC Monday Night Buxton League Team.


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