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You’re all invited to our coffee morning on 2nd Nov. between 1000 – 1200. The club would like to say thanks to you who were brave enough to enter Diana Cameron’s ‘Occupations Quiz’, and thanks to those who did the hard work selling the sheets. We netted £267. What a lot of sleuths you are; we had to do a draw for the winners who were … Carol Jarvis from Cressbrook who trouser’d (I mean won) £20 & Jen Cox from Chapel who came 2nd & won £10. Drinks on you ladies, next time we meet. The answers are on the village notice board & our website.

Well, did we have fun at our Annual Dinner & Presentation recently? Apparently a good time was had by all… all those who could remember. Wain & Wright were up to their usual rascally tricks with quality entertainment.

Cunning Andrew Turner won the ‘The Roll a £1 Coin’ with his radio controlled one. He’ll be off to The Yorkshire Bridge clutching his £20 voucher in his grubby mitt.

Another innovation from the ever-inventive Dave Wain was the ‘Ten Worst Excuses for Bowling 2013.’ Just breaking into the top 10, Griff , with The Red Arrows fly past put me off. In at 9 a new entry from John Hallows with the church bells broke my concentration. None mover at 8, Dave Wain with myopia, poor lighting & I was crap.

At number 7, Vice-Captain Terry Shaw with ‘I was so surprised to hear Morris dancers in Tidza that I completely lost it’.

Down at 6, ‘I wore the wrong glasses’ by Roy Bradwell. On the way up at Number 5, its Griff with the loud honking V formation of low flying Canada Geese that made me lose my line. Straight in at 4, Captain Ken Faucet with the classic ‘I thought they were only bringing 6 players so I didn’t practice’.

On the way down at number 3, John Hallows again with ‘I thought I had a rabbit (a not very good bowler) who was a county bowler’. This season’s number 2, Andrew Turner with ‘My opponent was stung by a wasp and I thought he was having a heart attack.’’

But it’s there again for 12 incredible weeks at the top of the chart this season’s Number 1, Chairman John Hallows with The Mat got stuck to my Foot. John won a well deserved prize of a big (really big) bright red boot with a bowling mat (quite small) stuck to it mounted on a small, but elegant pedestal. (these are really true!)

And now something about bowling – come to school to do indoor short mat from 6.30pm on Fri. evenings.




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