Bowl’d Over

September 24, 2013 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2013, October 2013

Woe, woe & thrice woe bowling aficionados I write this with tears in my e-eyes The bowling season’s ended. We’ve gone from snow to prolonged sun, blooming hanging baskets, flowery troughs which have all but come to their end – even the bees can’t find sustenance. A solitary wasp on the Muppet Gallery was so desperate that it stung the innocent young Mr. Turner who had miraculously survived the Wain wedding fest. Andrew applied vinegar & the wasp died of alcohol poisoning.

So what are we going to do ‘til next April? Dave Wain has incarcerated me in the pavilion with, sleeping bag, camp bed & a few Red Cross food parcels – he’s set the alarm for April.

Back to bowling; we bowl indoors, which whilst it’s bowling it’s bowling but not as we know it. We do this on Friday evenings at the school from 18.00 so come and have ago.

Sorry, I forgot that you’ve been waiting for the bowling news. We have had a very good year.

The Monday team came 4th out of 11 with that very cool & elegant maestro Terry Shaw topping the averages – congratulations you person of dubious parentage.

In the Tuesday Mixed Up Pairs we came 4th out of 7 with Bob ‘Bouncing’ Eyre top of the averages.

In the Thursday Vets ( please take me to a vet for the humane killer) we came 2nd out of twelve and, rapturous joy, we’ll be promoted. I think Bob cooked the books, much to the fragrant Diana’s displeasure, to top the averages.

So that’s it… Matt Bratts thinks he’s off the hook; his so-called friends ply me with strong ale for him to be mentioned. I’d just like to say, despite those gangly legs, thanks for your work on the green & all the best in your MA year.

p.s. Cop this: The supremely sophisticated e-expert Mike Watson has revamped our website (yes, we, apart from me, are up to the mark) so please have a look. Thanks Mike.


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