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Greetings bowling aficionados. Here we go again Rolling out those Lazy Hazy Crazy days of Summer bowling (apols to Nat king Cole’s 1963 album written by …?). Crazy being very appropriate when the sunshine has persuaded people to bowl in very interesting, if somewhat bizarre, shorts revealing that lots of legs, matching pairs of course, are rather more functional than decorative. Some wag on the Muppet Gallery in front of the pavilion was heard to remark that the last time he saw a pair of legs like Matt’s they were on a runner from Thornhill’s chicken factory. Well, he does do a lot of walking behind that mower. Now here’s a feather in your cap Matt; a visiting bowler said that this is the best green here for miles around. The very colourful hanging baskets & flower troughs around the pavilion enhance it much to the credit of Roy & Harry.

I can’t delay the bowling news any more:

Mon. league we’ve played 15 & won 11 placing us 4th out of 11. on the 12th at home v Peak Dale we scored a full-house 168/92 with Roy Bradwell & John Hallows sharing the shrapnel by winning to two.

Our intrepid Capt. (Ken Fawcett) & V. Capt. (Terry Shaw) top the averages with +4.

The Tues. Mixed-up Pairs continue to have fun beating Furness Vale 74/68 placing us 3rd out of 7.

Bob the Bouncer tops the averages with +7.73 but rumour has it that he’s running an APR*. Cath Wain hotly pursues him (not him, his average) with +6.

Moving swiftly on, cos I know you want to hear about Dave Wain’s latest money-spinner, the Thurs. Vets were beaten at Chatsworth 136/120 but are 2nd out of 12! potential promotion here!

And in the various friendly games we also continue to have fun, & sometimes eat very well.

Dave Wain our, as ever, inventive entrepreneur is working on a cunning plan to fill our voracious coffers by, allegedly, modifying our excellent portable PA system into a cash earner by converting it to work, when on hire, only when it’s fed with a continuous stream of £2 coins.

Well dear readers, this time next month the crown green bowling season will be all but over, sob, sob. However, there will still be a few club nights on Fridays to which we cordially invite you.

*APR you probably associate with your credit card bills …sorry you’re wrong, it’s ‘Averages Protection Racket’..


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