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March 20, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, April 2015

Greetings bowlers & all you people yearning to be bowlers, this is neither epistle or missive more a mere memo. By the time you read this we will have put away the short mats & associated equipment for the summer & we’ll soon be gracing the hallowed (ha, ha John, I didn’t see that coming!) green which John Hallows is nurturing with dedicated care.

Our first event of the season has little to do with bowls but a lot to do with fun & money – we’re always short of the filthy lucre. Come to our quiz at the Horse & Jockey on Tues April 7th. If you want fish & chips at 6.45 (for 7pm) please tell a committee member asap & give them £6. If you only want to quiz (starts 8.15pm) pay £1 on the night. There’ll be a raffle as well.

We will be opening the green on Sun. 29th March with a club competition. After that you’re welcome to come bowling, especially after 6pm on Fridays. If you take it up you’ll be able to look your doctor straight in the eye & tell him/her that you do exercise regularly, instead of looking shifty when you say, ‘I regularly do half an hour’s daily vigorous exercise’.

Do you remember the pub bowls league of a few years ago? One Mrs Kath Wain who started her bowling career there has now made it into the Women’s County squad, congratulations Kath.

A tale of the myopically challenged: when you make a bowling cock-up, jeers of ‘You should’ve gone to Specsavers’ resound around the green. Well Dave Wain & I used to but, for various reasons, we moved down the shopping arcade to the Buxton branch of Vision Express where the very helpful, obligingly charming staff ministered to our every ocular need. We both, independently, bought eye-wateringly expensive (forgot to say how flattering & persuasive the staff were) Oakley© glasses. Well it paid off cos Dave & I won the Short Mat Pairs competition. This, we hope, bodes well for the outdoor season, BUT, should anybody shout out ‘You should’ve gone to Specsavers’ (not to us of course) we will bellow back ‘Go to Vision Express for winners’. (By the way this is entirely unsolicited – as much as we’d like a massive discount off our next purchases.)

Sleep well, travel safely & have fun on the green.



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