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April 22, 2014 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, May 2014

Well, here we are back on the green at last, having such fun. Before going onto the glorious & not so glorious details Tidza Bowling Club would like to congratulate founder member Horace Wilshaw on achieving the grand old age of 85 on April 7th. Horace has been the grateful recipient of the wonders of modern medical science by having his cataracts removed & having a pace maker fitted. The club’s so pleased that the National Health Service have helped to provide us with the country’s first Bionic Bowler.

More thanks & congratulations, this time to Henry Radford. Henry has been beavering away for, what seems like, a very long time applying for a grant. Yep, we’re talking filthy lucre again; TBC’s second favourite topic after bowling. Henry has been bravely battling the bureaucrats, very helpful bureaucrats as it turned out, to get nearly £10k to buy us a new mower & a verticutter for our green. Well done Henry & heartfelt thanks to Sport England.

Yet more thanks, sorry – but they are to you, who came to the quiz at The Horse & Jockey when we we raised £150. The fish & chips were lovely, thanks Nicola & staff. We did have a sausage controversy with Flinty, yawn, but not as bad as yours truly cheating – inadvertently, honest.

At last, the bowling news that you’ve been waiting for with bated breath; the Vets (as in old, not animal doctors) have lost one & won one with 20 matches to go.

The Buxton Mon. League team had a convincing home win 158/124 (max. points 168) against a strong Furness Vale team. Your own correspondent blubbed quietly into his beer whilst sharing the team victory at the post-mortem. He’s been dropped & is temporarily exiled to N. Yorkshire.

After the roaring success of last year’s The Best Worst Excuse for Bad Bowling we’ve decided to run it again – beware bowlers, the green has ears! You need to know at this stage that Andrew Turner has bought a new pair of dazzlingly, blindingly, bright white bowling shoes – highly unfashionable of course as these shoes are. This month’s nominee is the fragrant demon bowler Mrs Cath Wain with ‘Andrew’s shoes put me off.’




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