Bowl’d Over

March 24, 2014 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, April 2014

Greetings bowlers & all you people yearning to be bowlers, this is neither epistle or missive more a mere memo. By the time you read this we will have put away the short mats & associated equipment for the summer & we’ll soon be gracing the hallowed (ha, ha John, I didn’t see that coming!) green which John Hallows is nurturing with dedicated care.

Our first event of the season has little to do with bowls but a lot to do with fun & money – we’re always short of the filthy lucre. Come to our quiz at the Horse & Jockey Thurs. 27th March (not Feb. as I wrote last month – sorry if you went.) If you want fish & chips at 7.15pm please tell a committee member asap & give them £6. If you only want to quiz (starts 9pm) pay £1 on the night.

We will be opening the green on Sat. 29th march with a club competition. After that you’re welcome to come bowling. If you take it up you’ll be able to look your doctor straight in the eye & tell him/her that you do exercise regularly, instead of looking shifty when you say, ‘I regularly do half an hour’s daily vigorous exercise’.

Sleep well, travel safely & have fun on the green.



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