Bonfire And Fireworks 2014 – To Be Or Not To Be?

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Last year saw the 26th annual bonfire and firework display run by the Community Association. It has always been a popular event but last November the weather was particularly evil, rumours circulated about cancellation and as a result numbers attending were well down and the event made a significant financial loss – over £1000!

Hopefully this year the weather will be kinder and the crowds will return. Profit has never been the purpose of the event. We try to provide an enjoyable evening for the community and break even financially. Until last year this has worked. Sometimes we made a little profit and sometimes we made a little loss. Any profits, of course, go to help village projects and groups.

A big threat to the event that has been building in recent years and that has now become critical is the dwindling number of helpers. As we order and pay for the fireworks in the summer when they are cheaper we have to decide soon whether to go ahead or not and we dared not commit ourselves to spending over £2000 on fireworks without being sure that we have the volunteers to run a safe and enjoyable event.

So what’s needed? The week before volunteers to collect bonfire material from around the village volunteers to build the bonfire

On the day volunteers to prepare the site and finish bonfire building an electrician to rig up temporary lighting volunteers to prepare and set up the fireworks

At the event volunteers to act as safety marshals for the torchlight procession volunteers to act as safety marshals during the event volunteers to man the gates and sell or take tickets volunteers to help with the firework display and light the bonfire volunteers to help with catering and serve food and drink volunteers to help clear the firework site and clean and put things away

The day after volunteers to scour and clear the area of firework debris and rubbish and make safe the bonfire site.

The Community Association committee is only a small group and whilst it can manage all the initial arrangements it desperately needs the promise of temporary reinforcements for November if we are to go ahead with a bonfire and firework display on Saturday 1 November.

So, can you please commit yourself to helping? If you can, please get in touch with our secretary, Sandra Howard no later than 20th May or come to the AGM on 21st May. The decision whether or not to hold a 27th bonfire and fireworks display will be taken then.

Sandra can be contacted by phone on 01298 872167 or by e-mail at



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