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This month the winners are: – £25-131, £20-081, £10-107, £10-104, £10-048
Congratulations to all the winners.

These draw results are the last of the season and the new one commences in April. Thank you to everyone who has been a member during this time and we hope you will continue for the next season. For those who do not pay by standing order collectors will be round to collect your £12 very soon.
If you would like to join the TDCA for the first time and be included in the monthly prize draw please contact Dorothy Whitehouse 871661 or Judy Cooke 872408. It is only £12 for the whole year and you could win up to £50. Money raised is used to benefit the local community.
*Welcome Pack*

*FREE* WELCOME PACKS containing useful information about the village and district are available at PEACHES FRUIT SHOP. Please ask Vikki for one, she will be happy to help you.
New co-ordinator is Nikki Turton 07876763730 or info@thecornerhousetideswell.co.uk
Contact her if you wish to advertise in the Pack and organisations please let her know of any changes to your details.

*Need some funding for a local group project?*

The TDCA is always happy to consider written applications from groups within the community who need extra financial support for a project. Please send any such applications to the Secretary, Graham Thompson, Rebethnal Cottage, Buxton Road, Tideswell.

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