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*Happy New Year to everyone, including those who have moved into the
district during the last year, from all the TDCA Committee.*

Newcomers to the area may be interested to know that a free “Welcome Pack”
full of useful information about the district is available for collection
at Peaches Fruit & Vegetable shop in Tideswell. This is compiled by a
committee member but Vikki at the shop is kind enough to have them on hand
for easy collection. Thanks Vikki.

If you wish to advertise in the pack the co-ordinator is Nikki Turton who
can be contacted on 07876763730 or at info@thecornerhousetideswell.co.uk
can organisations please let her know of any changes to your details that
we currently have: – i.e. changed phone numbers etc.?

*January 2018 200+ Club Draw Results*

*£25-191, £20-088, £10-008, £10-014 & £10-133*

*Congratulations to all the winners*

If you would like to join the T.D.C.A. and be entered into the monthly draw
please contact either Judy Cooke on 872408 or Dorothy Whitehouse on 871661.

*Need some funding for a local group project?*

The TDCA is always happy to consider written applications from groups
within the community who need extra financial support for a project. Please
send any such applications to the Secretary, Graham Thompson, Rebethnal
Cottage, Buxton Road, Tideswell.

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